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Neuroscience of Transformational Leadership - June 17, 2019


The Neuroscience of Transformational Leadership

June 17, 2019 8:30-3:30 MST | Denver Federal Center, CFEB Training Room (Rm 1442), Bldg. 25, Denver CO | Cost: $100 per person

Brain science can make you a more effective leader.

“Upwards of 90% of mental activity is unconscious. Yet, most organizations spend 100% of learning budgets on 10% of mental activity.”

Leaders develop abilities that help them inspire and manage others. And, like all humans, cognitive “blindspots” hinder even their best efforts.  What’s more, the way we work with others is subject to constant change and volatility.

This approach to leadership development incorporates evidence-based brain science to analyze and optimize your organization’s leadership, on a group or individual basis. The topics and programs we cover include some of today’s most pressing challenges.

When stakes are HIGH

  • Learn to change brain blood flow from the anxiety centers to thinking centers in the brain
  • Train your brain to maintain commitment to change
  • Learn to manage uncertainty by harnessing your brain’s capacity for resilience

Leadership and Team Agility

  • Activate the agile brain (Best practices based on the research behind how brains function in a more agile way)
  • Optimize the brain for multi-tasking
  • Conquer Digital Distraction

The Science of Innovation

  • Practice the science of possibility thinking
  • Implement unfocus techniques to increase your creative ability
  • Learn about the unconscious biases that obstruct creativity
  • Motivate your employees to take intelligent risks

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Who should attend: anyone interested in becoming a better leader and helping their organization transform

INSTRUCTORS | Michelle Anne (Author, Facilitator, Acharya, MBSR, Master Executive Coach)

CONTACT | Jeff Conn | 303 202 4588 | jeff.conn@gsa.gov

Price: $100.00

Start Time: 8:30 am
End Time: 3:30 pm

Date: June 17, 2019

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