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In 2011, the President’s Management Council (PMC) and the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council launched the PMC Interagency Rotation Program in Washington D.C. to strengthen agency collaboration, facilitate best practice sharing, and build a pipeline of emerging leaders who possess a broad understanding of the varied missions across the Federal Government. The Interagency Rotation Program offers high-performing GS 13-15s the opportunity to engage in a six-month cross-agency, developmental fellowship within participating agencies. PMC Fellows will expand their management skills, broaden their organizational experience, and foster networks they can leverage for future challenges.

The Colorado Federal Executive Board (CFEB) is proud to have been part of the pilot that launched the program outside of Washington DC.  We are now in our third year and excited to open nominations for the 2016 rotations.


  • Expand “joint duty” experience through meaningful six-month interagency rotations for PMC Fellows, either within or outside their current area of expertise;
  • Cultivate a diverse rising generation of talent with broad organizational exposure;
  • Conduct related cohort programming to offer wide-ranging opportunities to learn about other agencies and foster networks across the Federal Government.
  • Develop a collaborative, cross-agency effort to reduce barriers to interagency mobility.


  • Six-month developmental assignments at the participant’s current grade level;
  • Rotation period is April – September
  • Monthly cohort meetings that provide learning and networking opportunities.
  • Agencies select participants and identify rotational assignments; with input from participants and host supervisors, project team matches candidates to assignments.


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As part of the PMC Interagency Rotation Program, my assignment was with the Bureau of Reclamation as the Deputy Chief of Operations and Maintenance.  I provided project management to a multi-million dollar plan to meet current and future building needs utilizing the Office of Management and Budget’s guidance on reducing office and warehouse space inventory.  This was an extremely rewarding experience, that I would highly recommend, and an invaluable opportunity to strengthen and develop leadership competencies aligned with the Executive Core Qualifications. 

~Stephen Clifton, Greeley District Manager

Participation in the PMC far surpassed my expectations!  I had the great fortune of working with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  This was a challenging and rewarding opportunity.  It gave me the chance to foster my talents and imagination while challenging me in a different role/position.  More importantly, it rejuvenated my confidence and aspirations.  I have returned to my agency with a renewed spark to contribute more. 

~ Pamela Cotton, Denver Regional Training Officer

I am a tenured employee of the Social Security Administration; in fact, until being selected into the PMC, diversity related to working for another agency was absent from my roster of experience.  While working at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, I was immersed into a culture outside of my current duty station.  I worked toward infusing strategic thinking, promoting innovation and achieving program performance improvement by building coalitions, problem solving and learning from others.  The results of participating in this program is that I have a strong appreciation and better understanding of the similarities government agencies share in our dedication to Customer Service, Accountability and Human Capital Management. 

~Tracy Mealer-Hernandez, Denver District Manager

In early 2014, I was ready for a change.  Over the years, I learned about intergovernmental relations.  I have been very interested in how the different levels of government work at the federal, state, county and city level and how they interrelate.  My rotation at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in the Office of Field Policy and Management, allowed me to learn firsthand how these relationships work.  In addition, I was able to focus on three leadership competencies: Leading Change, Results Driven, and Building Coalitions.  I gained a working knowledge and understanding of HUD’s programs.  My rotation at HUD was a wonderful experience; I can fully recommend participating in this program.  It was great for me to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things.

~Angela Hardin, Staff Assistant

Being part of the PMC has provided an opportunity for me to get outside of my comfort zone to experience new and challenging assignments with the Office of Surface Mining.  This was also a good opportunity for me to share my expertise with my host agency.  I met some great people!  If you have the opportunity to participate in the PMC, I encourage you to do so.     

~Georgianna Romero, Deputy Area Director


DEADLINE                               ACTIVITY

January 18, 2019                      Deadline for emailing your agency’s interest to participate to the CFEB.  Please include:

  • There are three ways your agency can participate:
         1) PARTICIPANTS & ROTATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES [Provide 1 – 2 participants and 3 or more projects/rotational opportunities for participants to choose from]
         2) PARTICIPANTS ONLY [Provide 1 – 2 participants]
         3) ROTATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES ONLY [Provide 1 – 4 projects/rotational opportunities]
  • Your agency’s Point of Contact – Name | Phone | Email
  • Which of the three ways your agency prefers to participate – 1, 2, or 3 listed above

January 18, 2019                    Deadline for submitting participants and rotational assignments to Jeff Conn

January – March 2019             CFEB distributes potential assignments and materials to participants & host supervisors

  • Participants review the potential assignments and find up to 3 that interest them
  • If no participant expresses interest in a given rotation it is not assigned
  • If participant(s) express interest in an assignment
  • Host supervisors meet with interested participants to discuss the rotational opportunity
  • Participants rank their top 3 preferences
  • The CFEB Project Team match participants to assignments (using participants ranking preferences)
  • Host supervisors complete rotation agreements

March 21, 2019                      Orientation sessions for participants and home/host supervisors

April 1, 2019                           Rotations Begin

September 27, 2019               Rotations End