Heartland Emergency Preparedness & Response (COOP Working Group)

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Peter Robinson, FEMA
Dwayne Huffman, GSA

This committee is responsible for the coordination of emergency preparedness, security and employee safety coordination among the Kansas City Federal agencies. There are three sub-groups which help this committee complete its mission:

The Regional COOP Working Group assists with planning of annual interagency emergency exercise as well as provides assistance and up-to-date information for agency COOP plans. The COOP Working Group also insures agencies have adequate Occupant Emergency Plans and assists with communications plans for emergency communication among federal agencies and with state and local officials. The COOP Working group meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at different locations. Zane Steves, GSA, and Lisa Chalifoux, DHS/FEMA, are the co-chairs of the COOP Working Group. If you are interested in joining this group of agency emergency coordinators, please contact the FEB office.

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The Emergency Assessment & Response Committee’s (EARC) purpose is to assist local governments and law enforcement authorities in protecting the life and safety of citizens by providing a uniform and coordinated action within the federal family, in so far as possible, for dismissal of federal employees in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area during emergency conditions, including severe weather situations. This is an appointed committee which does not meet regularly. The EARC will make an recommendation based on the situation and notification of that recommendation will be distributed to agency heads via the Communicator NXT Emergency Notification System and can be heard on the FEB’s Emergency Hotline.

Notification of all Emergency Situations generated under this Committee are ADVISORY ONLY. The final decision as to the dismissal of employees rests with each individual agency and installation head. Consequently, each agency requires its own policy and procedure for implementation of actions to be taken upon the EARC’s notification of an emergency situation.
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If you would like more information about this committee or would like to become a member please contact the FEB office.