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Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) perform highly valuable functions. Specifically, they provide:

  • a forum for the exchange of information between Washington and the field about programs, management strategies, and administrative challenges;
  • a point of coordination for the development and operation of Federal programs having common characteristics;
  • a means of communication through which Washington can strengthen the field understanding and support of management initiatives and concerns; and
  • Federal representation and involvement within their communities.

The FEBs implement these functions, under the direction of the Office of Personnel Management. Examples of their activities are:

  • the dissemination of information on Administration initiatives;
  • the sharing of technical knowledge and resources in procurement, human resources management, and information technology;
  • implementation of the local Combined Federal Campaign;
  • the pooling of resources to provide, as efficiently as possible, and at the least possible cost to the taxpayers, common services such as training courses, and alternative dispute resolution consortiums;
  • encouragement of employee initiatives and better performance through special recognition and other incentive programs; and
  • emergency operations, such as under hazardous weather conditions and natural and man-made disasters; responding to blood donation needs; and communicating related leave policies.

The Federal Executive Board network continues to be a constructive, unifying force within the Federal Government. In the course of its more than 55-year history, the FEB system has more than proved its value in ensuring a clear and effective communications medium between all levels of Government. FEBs operate under the oversight of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in accordance with regulations located at 5 CFR § 960 (external link).


To be catalysts for better government.


Increase the effectiveness of Federal Government by strengthening coordination of government activities.

Presidential Directive

465 Memorandum on the Need for Greater Coordination of Regional and Field Activities of the Government.

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