Wellness Center Classes

January 2020 Classes



This 45 minute class will teach you how to utilize the fit ball to strengthen your core muscles (abs and back).  We also perform full body strength, balance and coordination exercises, however the focus is on the core.  Beginners to advanced students are welcome.


Restore, rejuvenate and relax while you enhance your breathing and flexibility with Yoga. This class will teach you to focus and give you better concentration.  In addition, the concepts of this class originate from the original yogis from eastern India.  Beginners to advanced students welcome.


The Sit-Be-Fit class is a low intensity, full body workout.  We perform most of the workout sitting in chairs where we perform basic strength training exercises.  We also perform balance, coordination and stretching exercises.  We utilize fit tubes, fit balls and aerobics steps to keep the workouts fresh!  Beginners to advanced students welcome.


Pilates is a compilation of strengthening and lengthening exercises which unites the mind and body, facilitates better posture and balance, improves & maintains back integrity, and renews mental vigor.  Pilates strengthens from the center of the body to the arms and legs, keeping abdominals, glutes, hips and back their strongest and longest.


This class is the most beginning level class, perfect if you have never danced before!  Learn the basic steps, combinations, and techniques that are essential to social dancing.  We start with the basics the first week of the month, so be sure not to miss it.  We rotate partners in class, so come solo if you prefer.


Body Sculpt is our most intense class!  If you would like to get a great full body muscle pump and release endorphins, this is the class for you…  We utilize our body weight and light dumb-bells to perform strength training exercises.  We also perform balance and focus exercises followed up by relaxing stretching.  Come join us and challenge yourself, as you will have the support and encouragement along the way!


The purpose of the class is to begin to understand and practice the art of self-defense.  A variety of self-defense forms are included with an emphasis in the martial arts.  The focus of the class training will be the Shorin-Ryu style of Karate, which , at the beginning level, utilizes basic punches, kicks and blocks.  The class includes regular activity and physical conditioning to develop flexibility, power and speed in the basic Karate techniques directed toward self-defense.  Teaching methods include kata (formal exercises), drills and line training with the emphases in repetition in a safe, rigorous, structured and disciplined environment.


Tour-de-Red Rocks is an 18 mile bike ride lead by experienced cyclist Mike Bessler.  Mike will take you through beautiful Red Rocks Park and over Dinosaur Ridge and back to the Wellness Center.  The ride takes approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes.  This is an enjoyable ride, NOT a race.


Step Aerobics is our most aerobic class.  Steps are used to control the intensity of the class. The higher the step, the greater the intensity!  Instructor, Brooke Miller-Levy leads the class and she designs the workouts to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced students.